Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Funny what life can bring your way. Our little family is still here in salt lake city and we are enjoying our time here! We have made so many great friends. For me it is so nice since Tyler is at school so much.

Jenna and Tara are 3.5 now and are getting so smart and personalities are definitely coming out more and more. They have a lot of things in common but also have very differing parts too. Jenna is much more shy at first meeting people but once she warms up she very happy girl. Tara loves meeting new people and once she gets to know people she seems to be a little more choosy on who her real friends are. Tara has a lot of personality, she loves to make people laugh and is bubbly but also bossy and wants things done her way. Jenna is bossy too, so fighting seems to be escalating in numbers but they are getting better at communicating with each other even though it generally is in a yelling voice. Jenna is such a sweetheart and is very loving in more of a taking actions type way. She will do any thing for you. She loves to sing to Danny to try and help him be happy. She likes to help me as long as she has a specific job just for her. Tara is more of a vocal person. She will tell me she loves me and that she wants to snuggle and she will always be the one to say sorry first.

Danny is 6 months old now. He is the cutest chubby boy ever. He has the longest eye lashes and biggest eyes. He loves to play and talk with mom and dad. He also loves his big sisters when they talk to or sing to him. Danny loves being sang to. And loves to chew on anything and everything he can get his little hands on. He has the cutest little laugh and a really big smile. He just melts my heart.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Place, New Things

It has been so long since I have written in here I feel like I don't know how to write any more.
We have been really enjoying our time here in salt lake city. The city isn't the greatest, however the place we live is alot of fun. We have made some good friends and things are always happening around here whether that is exercise classes for women or girls nights out or ward activities or devotional. And of course there are always people outside on nice days. Kids playing on the play ground or riding bikes. It seems like there is always plenty to do. People are so nice. I went and did a yoga class for the first time.... interesting, good.... but not sure I am a big fan. I would much rather do cardio work out.
Tyler is doing well in school and is working hard. He likes his anatomy class the most, and is learning so much. Its nice to have him come home and spend time together after school. And weekends are great. He has been doing construction on his professors house on Saturdays  to bring in a little extra cash.
I was able to sell our leather chair for a little extra too. It is really nice to have that little extra room in our apartment.
Jenna and Tara are getting so big and smart. They say a few words like: mommy, dad, baby(blankey),  please, no, shoes, step, hi, ball, vroom noise for a car. And their favorite word is dog. Go figure.  They love yogurt, granola bars, cereal, and pancakes. They love the slide and swings and tackling eachother . They also love books and nursery rhymes right before bed. They love nursery and always light up when. We say they get to go to nursery.

I can't get over their curls.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

So Blessed

This last year has be full of ups and downs, but I can't help feeling so blessed. Through the months of being unemployed, finding a way to get Jenna her surgery, then finally getting accepted into a school our heavenly father has been there helping us along the way. This Christmas season we got a great surprise, we were hoping we would have a little more cash for Christmas but on Christmas eve some one rang our doorbell then left a pile of presents for the girls on our door step. The girls loved opening up the presents and playing with so many new toys! Tyanna also got them some boots for winter and they bring them to me every day wanting to just wear them around. We have been blessed with people who are willing to help every which way. It was a great blessing to have Jenna's surgery done by such a great doctor and to get it done at no expense. We have moved to a place that may not be all that cozy or nice but it works for what we need and it is very close to campus which will make it much easier for Tyler and me as well. We are so grateful for the opportunity Tyler has to go back to school. I hope we will be able to find a good routine and make it work the best that it can. It will be so nice for me to have the car and be able to go wherever during the day.

It has been so nice to be close to kk and aaron here in Utah. We have a pretty awesome family. We were all so happy that mom and dad came down to surprise us. It was so great to see them and spend a little time together.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Jenna is going in for surgery next Wednesday, she has pre-operation appointment on Wednesday for a few hours we will stay in the guest room at the hospital that night and she will go in for surgery early Thursday morning. The operation should take two hours and we will see how she comes through it to see if they will keep her over night or not. I am getting a little nervous for her. But she is strong and healthy and  she will do great I know. I guess Kari will come with me and Jenna to Portland and Tara will be staying with Tyler's sister Jennifer. I will let everyone know how it goes and I will try to get some before and after pictures.

Friday, October 10, 2014

prospects and kids

We have been having so much fun with the girls lately. They are beginning to play and laugh and have fun so much more. Its awesome! Anyway, Tyler is currently applying for the university of Utah. And when he gets accepted we have a professor that will fund us. We are excited about that. Tyler has a couple other contacts right now in case that doesn't happen. But opportunities have and are coming and we are grateful! Things are going well at Tyler work, getting lots of over time. Twelve hour days and then he comes home and works on applying for jobs, and schools etc. Till like 10:30 11:00he is awesome.

I tried to get Jenna not to climb the ladder, but she insisted! Lol she got pretty high. Pretty talented climber that one.

They love climbing all over ladders

Running around, chasing after one another. They love the space and the grass. Tara will roll all over just to be in the grass.

Playin' in the mud!


Pretty awesome hats!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Went to Portland yesterday to the shriners hospital for Jenna. We now have a scheduled date for surgery. We will go in for a pre-op on Wednesday Oct 29. And then Thursday morning she will go in for a two hour surgery. Dr. Winn will be performing the surgery. He seemed to know he was talking about, and was up beat but also told us what we needed to know. He said it is a very difficult surgery and will probably need another surgery once she heals from the first one. He said for these type of things it usually is 1+1. So it is like a first surgery and then a touch up. So that when all is said and done she will look as good as possible. So she is doing well and will be doing even better then. Tara is doing well and becoming quite the little chatter box! I love  listening to her just blubber blabber all the time. Lol they both love the slide! Its their favorite thing to do.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Finger Painting Fun

Well the girls just love to be outside. Every minute of every day and they cry every time they have to come in. So to avoid the going outside today we decided to do a little finger paint eating and these are the result!

But of course we still had to go outside...